Chinoiserie Amazon Finds Under $30

Chinoiserie Amazon Finds Under $30 | Looking for some affordable chinoiserie accessories for your home? Check out these 10 Amazon finds that are all under $30! |

We have all heard of the Facebook rabbit hole and the Pinterest rabbit hole, but more and more, I find myself getting sucked into the rabbit hole that is Amazon. I start looking for one item and an hour later, I’ve looked at 30 other items and added an item to my cart that was not what I was looking for. Along my many searches, I’ve found some affordable, chinoiserie items for the home and today, I’ve rounded all of them up to share with you.

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Chinoiserie Amazon Finds

one | Velvet Pillow Covers 12 x 30

Who doesn’t love a solid velvet pillow? I think they’re so luxurious and go with just about any style of decor. These yellow covers will most definitely be a part of our master bedroom makeover.

two | Gold Bow Trinket Tray

I found these darling trinket trays as I was on the hunt for something else and those gold bows stopped me right in my tracks. They come in 4 adorable colors and I think a tray like this is perfect on a dressing table or nightstand to set your jewelry on.

three | Pink Gingham Napkins

It’s hard for me to resist pink gingham and these linen napkins were certainly no exception. These would be the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day or Easter table setting. Also, if linen napkins aren’t what your after, there is also an apron, potholders, and table cloths available in this same pattern.

four | Pink Velvet Pillow Cover 18 x 18

I just can’t get enough of these velvet pillow covers. They’re so nice, they come in a ton of different colors, and the price is simply unbeatable. I think these would be great to add some ribbon or decorative trim for a more professional, personalized look.

five | Foo Dog Salt and Pepper Shakers

I bought these salt and pepper shakers this past summer at a boutique in Baltimore and they’re just darling. Shockingly enough, I was able to track them down on Amazon and I just had to share them with you. They’re the perfect touch of chinoiserie among my cooking oils and kitchen utensils.

six | Pink Leather Jewelry Box

Do you struggle to keep your jewelry organized like me? It’s a constant struggle over here. I keep my jewelry in one large drawer and it’s a complete disaster. I desperately need this jewelry box in my life. Isn’t it so cute?? If pink isn’t your thing, it’s also available in tan.

seven | Preserved Boxwood Monogram Letter

I am so obsessed with just about any kind of preserved boxwood. Add a monogram into the mix, I’m sold! These boxwood letters are great to add a personal touch to a wreath you already have or to hang solo on your front door.

eight | Round Glass Soap Dispenser

One thing I love to do in our home is to pour all of our hand soaps and even dishwashing soap into these nicer dispensers. It’s a simple way to create a more clean look and I’ve found that with these, we actually are using less soap.

nine | Turkish Towel

Instead of using this as a towel, I think it would make a great throw to drape over the back of an accent chair for a little pop of color. This one comes in 14 different colors, so one is sure to go with your decor.

ten | Ginger Jar Rug

Are you looking for a rug for your front door that’s cute and affordable? Well, I think I’ve found just the one. This ginger jar rug is absolutely stunning with the intricate details and vibrant colors. It also comes in larger varieties if that’s what you’re searching for.


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