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Living Room Turned Cozy, Christmas Wonderland | sincerelysweetpeablog.com

Our living room has come along way in recent months. We finally replaced our old ugly couch with one I absolutely love, found a set of drawers that work perfectly both as a tv stand and storage, hung the most budget friendly gallery wall, and purchased the coziest accent chair that’s scale works one hundred times better than the one before. Our living room is now filled with pieces that we truly love which is why couldn’t wait to put on the festive Christmas music, light a warm holiday candle, drag all of my red bins out, and get to decorating! So, grab your Santa mug of hot cocoa and join me as I share our cozy, Christmas wonderland, I mean our living room lol.

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Living Room Turned Cozy, Christmas Wonderland | sincerelysweetpeablog.com

The Tree

Stewart and I have had the same Christmas tree since we first moved in together 5 years ago and while that one is still in fairly decent condition, it simply wouldn’t fit with our current and only possible furniture arrangement. Luckily, I found a 7ft. slim, pre-lit tree at Michaels that would turn out to be the perfect fit for the space.

This year, I wanted to stick with a more traditional color scheme, so I started by draping the whole tree with satin red ribbon and then tying a red bow to match. While draping the ribbon isn’t my favorite part about decorating the tree, it definitely wouldn’t look as good without it.

Personally, I prefer a simpler, classic look when it comes to my Christmas tree, so instead of using picks, I used poinsettia clips I found at Hobby Lobby for some variation. They’re such a simple addition, but I really like the way they break up the monotony of the ornaments.


Living Room Turned Cozy, Christmas Wonderland | sincerelysweetpeablog.com

The Ornaments

When it comes to ornaments, even on a slimmer tree like we have, I really enjoy using a variety of sizes. I use everything from tiny ornaments meant to be used on a small 2ft. tree to big globes intended for giant 12ft. trees. Admittedly, I do like to use mostly globe-shaped ornaments to achieve the more simpler, unified look, but to break things up a bit I used these great accent ornaments that I found at Target.

For the color scheme, I stuck to various hues of pink, red, and gold. Again, using various hues of the same color is a great way to add variation and interest, but still keep a simple, more designer look.


Living Room Turned Cozy, Christmas Wonderland | sincerelysweetpeablog.com

The Garland

To add some holiday cheer to the opposite side of the room, I decided to wrap a garland around the tv. To spice up this $5 garland I found at Hobby Lobby, I used the same red ribbon  and ornaments that I used for the Christmas tree as well as two pine branch picks on either side.

To save assembly time year after year, I generally hot glue all non-breakable ornaments to the garland and then once I get it out, and place it where I want it, I fill in with the breakable ornaments. Just like the tree, I decided to add a few of the same poinsettia clips.


Living Room Turned Cozy, Christmas Wonderland | sincerelysweetpeablog.com

Wrapping Paper

I try to coordinate my wrapping paper with the rest of my holiday decor. Usually, I buy all of my wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby because the quality is great and the price is unbeatable, but this year, I happened to find this great plaid paper at Marshall’s and it matched perfectly with my color scheme. It’s got bold reds, green, and even magenta which is hard to find in a more traditional holiday wrapping paper.

Generally, I like to stick with just three different coordinating wrapping papers to avoid things looking too busy.

I recently shared a video on how I wrap the perfect gift on my Facebook page as well as the products I use. To watch the video, click here.


Living Room Turned Cozy, Christmas Wonderland | sincerelysweetpeablog.com

Small Details

To give the whole room a collective cozy, christmas wonderland vibe, I added some small details here and there. Like the falalala pillow in the chair, the bowl filled with vintage ornaments I recently found at a local antique store, and the bows tied around our new, apartment friendly sconces (you can see how I added light without hardwiring here). I truly believe it’s small details like these that make your decorations unique and next level.


Living Room Turned Cozy, Christmas Wonderland | sincerelysweetpeablog.com

Thank you so much for taking a look around at our cozy, christmas living room. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you’d like to know where some of the items came from in this space, be sure to take a look at the source list below.


Living Room Turned Cozy, Christmas Wonderland | sincerelysweetpeablog.com


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Living Room Turned, Cozy Christmas Living Room



  1. December 8, 2018 / 12:06 am

    Beautiful! You have such talent, Kalyn!

    • kalynabrams
      December 8, 2018 / 4:42 pm

      Thank you so much Katie! Your sweet comment means the world to me!

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