Nine Tips to Maximize Yard Sale Profits

9 Tips to Maximize Yard Sale Profits |

 When we moved to Cincinnati, I thought I got rid of a lot of unnecessary stuff, but our completely full, piled to the ceiling, storage closet told a different story (so embarrassing, right?). So, when my mother-in-law asked if I wanted to have a yard sale with her, I was immediately like “yes, yes, yes!” Last Thursday, we had our yard sale and I actually ended up making a good amount of money, at least enough to cover the cost of new dining chairs #priorities. Today I’m sharing nine tips that helped me maximize my profits during our yard sale and will help you too!

1. Choose a good day.

 Check the forecast, make sure it’s not raining. I would stick with the weekend. We usually have ours Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Thursday is a great day because it’s close enough to the weekend, but there aren’t a lot of other yard sales going on to compete with.

2. Start early!

I usually like to have everything set up and ready for customers by 7 am. The earlier you start, the greater the window of time to make money.

3. Advertise, advertise, advertise!

Post bright, bold, attention-grabbing signs in local businesses that note the date(s), time, and location of your yard sale. It’s also helpful to post large signs along the road to grab peoples attention that may be driving by.

4. This is the 21st century, utilize social media!

This goes along with the one above, but post information about your yard sale on social media and include photos. During our yard sale, we got so much traffic because people had seen something they were interested in on Facebook and wanted to come see what else we had. There were also some items that we sold on Facebook and held back for people to come pick up.

5. Have a large variety. 

The more you have, the greater chance you have to maximize your profits. A great way to have a good variety of things is to have a joint yard sale.

6. Keep presentation in mind.

Even though it’s just a yard sale, presentation matters. Make sure everything is organized, easy to see, and as easy as possible to get to. Keep everything except larger items on tables, don’t make people bend over to get something. And lastly, try not to use furniture you’re selling as a place to put things, it may deter someone from buying it.

7. Get the most out of a sale!

If someone is showing interest in an item, point out similar items they might also like. The more they buy, the more money you make and let’s be real, the less you have to pack up after the sale.

8. Be confident when negotiating.

I’ll be honest, for me, this has taken a little bit of practice, but I have found that when I’m more direct and my voice isn’t shaky, people are less likely to come back at me with another price.

9. Provide good customer service.

I know, I know, this is just a yard sale, but a smile and a thank you will have customers coming back year after year.

I hope these tips help you make some major cash during your yard sale! And if you love going to yard sales, check out this post where I share how to avoid accumulating junk while thrifting.

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How to maximize yard sale profits | | Nine great tips on how to make the most money and increase profits from your yard sale.


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