Six Creative Storage Solutions

Six clever and hidden storage solutions

One of the biggest challenges we face on a daily basis in our apartment is the limited amount of storage. In our small, one bedroom apartment, we have a total of three closets. Yes, you read that correctly, THREE. We have a larger general storage closet, a linen closet, and a closet in our bedroom that is teeny tiny. The day we signed our lease, there were two other couples taking a tour and when we told them we were getting one of the apartments, the first thing they said was, “Where are you going to put all of your stuff?” We just laughed and said, “We got rid of a lot, so hopefully, we can make it work!” Since we only have three closets, I’ve had to get a little creative and create storage for the inevitable odds and ends. So, today, I’m sharing six creative storage solutions I’ve came up with that don’t scream “hey, I’m storage!”

Six clever and hidden storage solutions

I was lucky enough to find this bookshelf at one of my favorite local antique stores a few weeks ago and I was so excited because finally, I had a place to display all of my many knick knacks AND a place to store all of my knick knacks that aren’t being used. However, I wanted to be sneaky. I didn’t want the storage to be so obvious. I wanted it to blend in with the rest of the bookshelf decor instead of having a bookshelf with just a bunch of baskets (which is totally okay, in the right scenario). So, I got a little creative!

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1. Decorative Boxes: Would you believe these are actually Christmas boxes? I picked these up at Target after Christmas and their neutral colors make them perfect to display year round. They’re the perfect size to keep craft supplies that I frequently use and important papers.

White Lacquered Box | Kate Spade Nesting Boxes

2. Behind Large Objects: I use large objects or large stacks of books to hide things like a lighter for candles and my essential oil diffuser. If you have anything that you use a lot and don’t want to have to get it out of a drawer every time you use it, behind books or behind something big is a great place for it!

3. Cute Baskets: I found this cute, round basket at JoAnn’s on sale and I love it’s non traditional shape and color blocked weave. Baskets are great for storing things that you don’t mind being seen like my assortment of pink linens.

White Rope Basket w/ Fringe | Pink Ombre Rope Basket | Hyacinth Basket Set  

4. Decorative Objects: I love an object that can be cute, but also functional and useful. I found this gilded shell on sale at Hobby Lobby and it makes a great dish for matches.

Gold Glass Display Box | Gold Unicorn Jar | Gold Scallop Bowl | Cane Ginger Jar

5. Flower Pots: I’ll admit, when I bought this flower pot and boxwood combo, I never imagined it would become storage, but I couldn’t just let all that empty space go to waste. I almost always have a candle lit, so I like to keep them somewhere handy and the flower pot turned out to be the perfect spot.

White Hobnail Pot | Gold Tone Round Pot | White and Gold Planter | Gold Metal Pot

6. Inside Books: I’m normally the kind of person that likes to keep similar items in the same place, but for some reason I’m totally down for keeping cards that people have given me and old pictures within the pages of books. It’s a nice little surprise when you open a book and it keeps them nice and flat.

STYLED | Domino | All In Good Taste | Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home

I hope these six storage ideas help you create storage that is both beautiful, functional, and on the down low!

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Six creative, "out of the box" storage solutions.


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