Affordable Renter Approved Light Fixtures

When we first moved into our apartment (you can see all of the before photos here) I planned on using the space immediately when you walk in as an office. I tried it, bought a new desk, and honestly, it just didn’t work. The space is pretty small, so I never thought I had enough room for a dining table, but then I taped off the measurements of our table and it actually worked! However, one thing that is really odd about the space is there isn’t a hardwired ceiling light, so unless we wanted to eat dinner in the dark, I had to come up with a temporary, affordable, apartment-friendly light fixture. Just in case any of y’all are in the same boat, I’m sharing some great lighting options that are all plugin and won’t make your landlord crazy!

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Affordable Apartment-Friendly Light Fixtures | Want a light that your landlord won't cringe over? Check out these 10 plug-in, renter friendly lights. |

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For our dining room, I ended up purchasing this drum shade from IKEA and the cord (#6) from above. If you want to DIY a plugin light, that cord from IKEA is such a great buy! It’s long, light weight, comes with hooks to hang, and is only $6.

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