Easiest Do It Yourself Open Shelves

Easiest Do It Yourself Open Shelves

When we first took a tour of our apartment, one of the things that stood out to me was the giant blank wall above the stove. I knew before we had even been approved for the apartment that I wanted to put open shelves there. They’d fill that awkward space and give me a place to display some of my favorite kitchen accessories. Win, win, right? Today, I’m sharing a super easy step by step tutorial on how to create open shelves.

When I started thinking about how I was going to execute these open shelves, I wanted them to be more of a floating shelf. However, I couldn’t come up with a floating shelf that was secure enough to hold heavy dishes and didn’t require a ton of holes in the wall. So, if I wanted these open shelves, I had no choice but to use brackets.

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What You’ll Need:

Shelf Brackets | KILZ Spray Primer | Pop Toggles for Hanging | 16x10x2 Wood Board | Sanding Block (220 Grit) | Level | Drill

What To Do:

Measure area to determine the appropriate length for shelves.

Find a long enough wood board that you can cut all of your shelves out of. When purchasing your wood board, try to get it as level and straight as possible. (We had originally planned to hang two levels of shelves which is why we bought such a long board, but decided against it to limit the amount of holes in the wall.)

TIP: If you purchase your wood from Home Depot, they will cut it to your measurements. It’s not exact, but it worked for us. And, you get the first two cuts for free and 25 cents/cut after that.

Sand all boards until their completely smooth with a 220 grit sanding block.

Prime boards.

TIP: To save time and money, I didn’t paint them after I primed them. I liked the color and the finish of the primer, so I just left them.

Scuff with sanding block for a more distressed look.

Decide where to place brackets. Sit level on top of bracket and once it’s level, mark holes with pencil.

Drill holes and place pop toggle into the wall.

Place bracket up to the drilled holes and screw in screws to the pop toggle.

Place board on top of brackets and mark where to drill holes to hold the shelf into place.

Drill marked holes into board.

Secure boards onto each bracket.

Repeat these steps for each shelf.

And the final and most fun step, STYLE!

Step by step tutorial for open shelves in kitchenApartment friendly, do it yourself kitchen open shelvingApartment friendly, do it yourself kitchen open shelving

There ya have it! So simple!

If you missed our full kitchen reveal, you can see it here.

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