Our New Apartment: Before Photos

Our New Apartment: Before Photos

Our new Cincinnati apartment living room
Our new apartment. Wow! There were so many times in the last couple of months that I never thought I would be able to say those words. We had such a hard time finding something that we really liked, in our price range, with a little bit of character, and not in a sketchy area. I really didn’t want to live in an apartment community. They’re often builder-grade, have no character, and lack that home sweet home feel. I wanted to find an older home that had been made into a duplex or something similar. And that is just what we found, sort of. Our apartment is in an apartment building, but it is older like I wanted and has a ton of character!

Living Room:  
When you open the front door, you immediately walk into the living room. As you can imagine, these hardwood floors were love at first sight! While the room isn’t humongous, it’s large enough for us to have a living space as well as a small workspace (aka Sincerely, Sweetpea headquarters LOL).
I know what you’re thinking, where’s the couch? Well, funny story. Some of you may know that my parents are building a “tiny” house and don’t have room for the couch they had in their old house, so, they were going to give it to us. If you’re wondering what it looked like, picture the couch version of the leather chair above. They brought it all the way here, over two hours away from where they live, tried to get it into our apartment, and then all hell broke loose. One thing about small apartments is there is absolutely no room for large, bulky, modern day furniture. We pushed, and lifted, and maneuvered, and no such luck. In fact, we even put a big ole hole in the hallway of the apartment. Great first impression, right??
So, that is the reason we don’t currently have a couch. But, don’t worry, we will get one in good time.
How to install a temporary and apartment friendly kitchen backsplash
So, the kitchen is definitely not what I had in mind. I would’ve preferred white painted cabinets with some sort of generic hardware that I could change out and definitely more storage. But, I actually like this kitchen. The cabinets and countertop are brand new, appliances actually match, and I have a great big window to look out of while I’m doing dishes. Plus, plus, plus!
Don’t you worry, I’ve got big plans for this little kitchen! I just love how much natural light comes through that window!
You guys. When I saw this bathroom, I knew for sure, this place was perfect for us. That vintage tile though!!!
The tile is continuous throughout the entire bathroom and there is even a window in the shower that allows so much light in.
I am so excited about our bedroom y’all! It’s so much bigger than what we had before! Not only that, but we get so much natural light. We’re not living in a dark cave anymore.
If you’re considering renting or buying an older property, one big thing to consider is lack of storage space. In our entire apartment, we have a total of three closets. We did a lot and I mean, A LOT of pairing down before we moved so we haven’t had a problem with the limited storage space, but we’re definitely not going to be able to accumulate stuff like we did before.
The Details:
We really fell in love with this place because of all the character it has. Beautiful hardwood floors, uniquely shaped doorways, vintage glass door knobs, and colorful vintage bathroom tile.

I hope you all have enjoyed getting a peek into real life and thank you for letting me share some not so pretty pictures with you!
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