Fabulous, Bold (and Pink) Art Under $40

Fabulous, Bold (and Pink) Art Under $40
So far, our apartment is taking quite an unexpected, but lovely turn. You guys probably know me for my bold, black and white, and colorful design, but this space is turning out much more neutral than I had originally planned (I even bought a jute rug y’all!!) and I love it! It just seems more mature and grown up which is so appropriate for our first place as a married couple. But, not to worry, there are still plenty of pops of my beloved pink!  To go along with my sort of new aesthetic, I’ve been scouring the internet in search of some new art to cover these bare walls. Today, I’ve rounded up ten pieces of art that I love and am actually considering for our new digs!
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 Fabulous, bold, and colorful art
Y’all, I love aerial beach photography, but it’s so expensive! If you love it as much as I do, here is a great option that’s so affordable and looks just as wonderful!
Anytime, I’m looking for art, Etsy is the first place I go. There is so many great options and you’re supporting a small business. Everybody wins! I just love the beautiful shades of pink and the delicateness of this print and even better, it’s under $10!
I love cute, quirky, romantic prints like this! So perfect for a young couple’s home!
I love love love this print! Black and white old photographs give me all the heart eyes. So classy! If you’re looking for a subtle beach-themed black and white photo for a bathroom, this one would be perfect!
I have just recently discovered Anna with Love and her blog and beautiful photography are so inspiring!
Y’all know I’m a Kentucky girl through and through and I love a good day of horse racing! Just like the other black and white photo, I think this print is so classy and it’s a little nod to my Kentucky heritage.
I think at the point it’s safe to say I may have a thing for black and white prints. Palm prints are something that I have always been drawn to. Remember that Dorothy Draper Brazilliance print? Swoon. This print is a perfect example of something I was drawn to before, but now making it work for my new aesthetic.
I’m almost 100% sure I’m putting this in our living room. Light pink, delicate garden roses. Yes. Yes. Yes.
I love a good botanical print and this one is just $5! Have a small space that needs a little something? This print would be perfect. A bathroom, hallway, or maybe in a shelf vignette.
I seriously cannot get enough of these beach shots. All the different colors are just so beautiful! And, this one is actually affordable!
There ya have it! I’m sure you’ll be seeing a few of these pieces in our apartment!

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