DIY Dessert Bar

DIY Dessert Bar
DIY pretty in pink dessert bar using Rust-Oleum Chalkboard spray paint
I was recently approached by Rust-oleum to participate in a fun Blogger Challenge and without hesitation, I immediately said yes! The challenge is divided into three categories: upcycled treasures, crafty storage solutions, and the one I chose, party perfect. Y’all know I love to arrange a good table scape, but with our move and piles of boxes everywhere, I was feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. Anyway, the idea of creating a DIY dessert bar popped into my head and I just ran with it!

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  DIY dessert bar that's full of pops of pink using Rust-Oleum spray paint
One of the products I received was Rust-oleum’s Chalkboard Spray Paint and I knew this would be a perfect way to display my dessert “menu”, I just needed to find something I could turn into a chalkboard. Remember those round mirrors I used in our last bedroom above our nightstands? Well, turns out, they make a fabulous chalkboard!
To prep the mirror for paint, I simply wiped down the mirror with a damp towel and then dried it. I didn’t use any sort of primer, since I was painting a glass surface. I gave the mirror two light coats, just to prevent any dripping, but it covers really well and goes on super super smooth. Just to be safe, I let the paint dry overnight before writing anything on it.
To spruce up my “new” chalkboard, I hot glued some pretty pink silk flowers to the top rim. To arrange my flowers, I always start by gluing my base layer first. In this case, the eucalyptus branches. Next, I like to create a focal point and cover up the not so pretty parts of the eucalyptus branches. I used the beautiful pink peonies for this, not just because their stunning, but also because their large. Lastly, fill in the blank spaces.
 Dessert bar menu made using Rust-Oleum Chalkboard spray paint and an old mirror
For the smaller lettering, I used this chalk marker and for the larger, thicker letters, I used this one.
Pink ombre three-tiered cake stand painted with Rust-Oleum spray paint
Did you notice that cutie of a cake stand? Let’s face it, I just had to add more pink in there somewhere. I couldn’t help myself. LOL. I painted the bottom stand with Rust-oleum’s Gloss Berry Pink, the middle with Gloss Candy Pink, and I just left the top white as it came.
I painted these the same as the mirror, two light coats, but remember to shake the can really well so you get a really smooth, glossy finish.
I chose not to glue these cake stands together so that I can use them together or separately. I’m sure these will come in handy for future table scapes and parties!

So, this weekend make a cute little dessert bar just like this one and have some girlfriends over! They’ll love it!

Thank you so much to Rust-oleum for hosting this Blogger Challenge! This is the first challenge I’ve ever done as a blogger and it has been so fun! Anytime us bloggers can get together and exercise our creativity is a good time in my book!
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DIY dessert bar made with an old mirror and Rust-Oleum Chalkboard spray paint


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