Fall Patio Tour

Fall Patio Tour
Pink, gold, and floral fall outdoor tables cape
Happy Thursday y’all! I am so so excited to be sharing our Fall Patio Tour with y’all today! If you’re new to Sincerely, Sweetpea, I’d like to say welcome! I’m so happy that you found my little space on the ginormous world wide web. My husband, Stewart and I moved in with his mama a little over a year ago as we were unsure where we were off to next (we now know, but I’ll be sharing that story another day) and so, the only space we really have to call our own is our teeny tiny bedroom, but we do have an nice outdoor covered patio that no one else really uses, so, I have sort of commandeered the space and made it my own to enjoy. I completely redid the space back in the summer, but as the weather is getting a little cooler, I wanted to introduce some fun and cozy fall elements and make it a place where we can enjoy a dinner, roast some marshmallows, or just cozy up with a blanket and a book.
Anyway, I’ll quit jabbing and let y’all take a look!
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Cozy Fall outdoor space filled with patterns and color

Dark Pink Pillows | Blush Pillows | Black and White Pillows | Buffalo Plaid Fabric | Rug

I’m not a huge fan of the typical fall colors, so I thought, why not use the colors that I like? Who says you can’t use pink for fall?

I made this wire basket garden shelf back in the summer and it has held together wonderfully. Stewart and I always tell each other “I love you more” and I thought that would be a perfect line for our s’more station.
DIY s'mores station for Fall
Can you really celebrate fall without a caramel apple sucker or two? And this bar cart, it has been the perfect addition to this outdoor space. Would y’all believe I found this thing for $10? Crazy, I know. I think I have more than got my moneys worth because I use it for everything. It makes a great s’more station, plant stand, garden tool catch-all, I mean, the possibilities are endless.
Now on to my pride and joy, the table scape!
Like I said, I didn’t want to use the typical fall foliage color scheme and I was determined to make pink work. What do y’all think? Think it works?
I think the key to making pink work for fall is using pops of darker shades. As I was choosing my flowers, I almost picked up too many light shades and then I saw the darker, almost maroon spray roses and got em’ on a whim. They really made the arrangement feel more fall, I have to say. I also added a little, tiny bit of greenery to give it more of a fall feel.

Pink, gold, and full of pattern Fall outdoor table scape

For the vase, I used a faux pumpkin from Hobby Lobby that I spray painted gold.

There ya have it! I hope y’all enjoyed and thanks so much for stopping by! You can see the original transformation of this outdoor space here.

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Cozy, fall, colorful patio tour and tablescape


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