DIY Halloween Door Mat

DIY Halloween Door Mat
I’ve been feeling the pressure of getting fall content here on the blog and well, the day has finally come! I love everything about Fall. The cool weather, leaves changing color, football games, pumpkin spice lattes, and being able to wear UGG boots! Seriously, what’s not to love?
Anyway, today I thought I’d share this fun and functional DIY door mat for Halloween and even into Fall with y’all!
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As I began brainstorming this DIY, I knew I was going to utilize my new Cricut machine that I just got for my birthday to cutout the stencil for the letters. However, I thought that I could cut it out of vinyl, stick that to the door mat, and spray paint over that. I guess you could say it didn’t go as planned. This design was way too big for me to get onto the door mat without it getting stuck to itself and secondly, the vinyl didn’t stick to the door mat AT ALL. I know, this should’ve been common sense, but you live and you learn, right?
So, I decided the best thing to do was to use card stock instead of vinyl for the stencil. I cut the stencil out using my Cricut. Once I put the pieces of card stock together, I taped them together using painters tape. The painters tape didn’t exactly stick to the actual door mat, but I folded some pieces onto the back and that was enough to hold it down so that I could paint it.
┬áTo paint the stencil, I held the can about 2 inches away from the door mat to get a heavy, bold color. While painting letters like the “a”, “p”, “w”, and “e”, I held the loose center cutouts. Yes, I got paint all over my hand, but you do what you got to do.
Once it’s dry, place it in front of your door and spruce up with some of your favorite fall decor!

DIY stenciled "Whatup Witches" Fall doormat made with Cricut Explore Air

Have a great day y’all! Thanks for stopping by!


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