One Year

One Year

Happy Monday y’all! And, to my supportive husband, who reads ALL of my posts, Happy First Wedding Anniversary! I cannot believe one year of marriage has already passed by. Don’t worry, I’ll save all the lovey-dovey, sappy stuff for the hubby, but I wanted to pop in today to share this super special milestone in our lives.
Didn’t he look so dapper? If he would’ve had his choice, no way would he have worn a bow tie, but happy wife, happy life right?
 When we first began planning our wedding, I was extremely against a “first look”. I wanted the first time I laid eyes on my future husband to be when I was walking down the aisle. This all changed when I found my wedding dress. The moment I started thinking about seeing Stewart at the end of the aisle, I immediately burst into tears. I knew then that I needed a moment alone with Stewart, before our wedding, to get some of those emotions out of my system. In the end, doing the first look helped, but it didn’t stop me from being an emotional wreck as I walked down the aisle. Thank goodness for Urban Decay setting spray!
Sorry for all of the kissy photos! He loves me, what can I say?
Many of you all are probably like “uhmm, what is with this van?” But, Stewart and I met on a Geology trip a little over three years ago and in this very van is where we had our first conversation! We were so thankful to have our professor there and so many of our fellow students come and celebrate our special day!
I hope you all enjoyed reading about our special day! I am truly blessed to have found a man as special (and cute!) as Stewart! Now, I’m going to go enjoy an lovely anniversary dinner with my hubby! Have a great day!



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