Haven Blogging Conference Recap

Haven Blogging Conference Recap

A little over a week ago, I had the pleasure of attending Haven Conference. If you don’t already know, Haven is a two and a half day DIY and design blogging conference attended by over 300 new and professional bloggers hosted in the beautiful and fancy Buckhead, Atlanta. Haven weekend was packed full of new experiences for me. I’ve never ever been to a blogging conference, this was my first time flying by myself, and I took my very first Uber.

We arrived in Atlanta on Thursday afternoon and when we got to the hotel (Grand Hyatt Buckhead) there were people everywhere. It was a little overwhelming.  I mean A LOT overwhelming! It’s such a strange feeling really. You’re constantly seeing people that you know because of their blogs or their Instagram and while you feel like you really know them and know everything about them, they don’t know you. There is also that awkward moment when your riding in the elevator with your blogging idol and all you can do is play it cool and try your hardest not to be a crazy #fangirl.

 One of the most exciting things about Haven is all of the people you meet. While everyone comes from all over the country, with difference backgrounds, we all have one thing in common and that is our passion for blogging. I can’t tell you how wonderful and refreshing it was to be around people that share your same interests and get you. Never in my whole life had I ever sat down at dinner and had a conversation about Instagram, analytics, and Pinterest for two plus hours until I went to Haven.
So many beautiful business cards from such talented bloggers!
So, during Haven, your days are jam-packed with yummy meals, mingling with vendors, and all sorts  of  sessions about the in’s and out’s of blogging. I brought home so many notes and useful information from the classes I attended.
Oh, and did I mention the swag? It’s insane, in a good way! Not only did we get a swag bag when we registered filled with all kinds of goodies, but the vendors had loads of free stuff for us. I’ll admit, I definitely did’t take advantage of all the stuff the vendors were giving away because I wasn’t sure how I was going to get all that stuff on a plane and back to Kentucky. If you ever decide to go to Haven, you must bring an extra bag, you’ll need it!
Honestly, for being blogger at a blogging conference, I was so terrible at taking pictures. I never had time. I knew I didn’t want to leave ATL without getting some pictures with some of the wonderful women that I met, so I managed to snap some at the Saturday Soiree.
 Sarah (the girl on the right) from She Holds Dearly was my roommate during the conference. We met through the Haven Facebook page and I seriously couldn’t have had a better roommate. We stayed up late every night chatting about our lives, our goals, and picking each others brains about the world of blogging. Not to mention, she was amazed at how us southern girls keep our hair did in the southern, summer heat. Finally, someone who realizes how much work it is!
I came home from Haven with so many valuable tools, but most of all, confidence. Confidence that I may be kinda good at this whole blogging thing and that this blog can not only be a hobby, but also a successful business.



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