Outdoor Space Reveal

Outdoor Space Reveal
Happy Monday friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I’ve spent the better part of the summer pulling this outdoor space together and the day has finally come for the REVEAL!! While hubby and I are still living with his mom, I wanted to create another space that was reflective of my style, so, I took my design-loving heart to the streets lol. (Almost, but not quite there) Since we aren’t going to be here for much longer, I didn’t want to pour a bunch of money into the project, so I used a lot of what I already had, somethings for different purposes, and shopped clearance sections for all the other things I needed.
 This vintage glider is really the star of this show! It’s been passed down through my family for years and years. A while ago, my grandpa and I reupholstered the cushions with vinyl outdoor fabric that we found at JoAnn’s and they’re still in great condition! And that gold garden stool was an absolute steal from Target!
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 Now this gardening station is my baby (excuse me for a minute while I pat myself on the back). When I started to redo our outdoor space, I knew I wanted to fill this huge blank space, but it took a little brainstorming to figure something out. Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time outside in the garden, so, I thought, why not make it something functional. It has made the perfect one stop shop for all of my gardening supplies.
Excuse the half-dead leaf, I’m still developing my green thumb.
Sources of Items Not Linked
Wire Baskets: Hobby Lobby
Watercolor Pillow Covers: Hobby Lobby
Gnome: Target
Marble Tray: TJ Maxx
Pineapple Vase: TJ Maxx
Gold Votive: Target
Juice Pitcher: Big Lots
Bamboo Cutting Board: Big Lots
Metal Star: TJ Maxx
 There ya have it! I will be following up with sources and a full post on my DIY garden shelf, so stay tuned!
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Have a wonderful day!
Bright and colorful outdoor patio
Have a wonderful day!


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