Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for it

Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for it

Big things are happening this week on Sincerely, Sweetpea! This week is my 6 month blog-a-versary. I know it’s only 6 months, but let’s be real, I look for any excuse for a little celebration. (You can see my very first blog post here) So, in honor of my blogs 6 month birthday, I wanted to do something a little different… a fashion post. Somewhere, somehow I came across this t-shirt (probably on one of my late night insta binges) and fell in love with it.

Anyway, enough with the small talk, it’s time to get real. As many of you know, before I finally took the leap and started this blog I had been thinking about it for a while. The time never seemed right and with us moving here, there, and everywhere, what was I to blog about? But, a little over 6 months ago my life changed in a way that I never could’ve imagined. I lost my grandmother who was also one of my best friends, one of my greatest supporters, and cheerleaders. At this point, I had fell to the lowest point of my life, so I thought, why not just go for it? What is there to lose? I stopped making excuses and finally took the leap to start this little blog of mine. We still lived (still live) with my mother-in-law, only had a small bedroom that was really “our” space, and I was in college (still am). So, while nothing was ideal for starting a diy and design blog, I decided to go for it and I was going to figure it out.
My grandmother is really the reason why this blog became Sincerely, Sweetpea. I was and will always be her Sweetpea. So, every post is a little piece of me being signed, sealed, and delivered up to her.

I really appreciate you all baring with me and allowing me to get a little more real. (Did you really have a choice? lol) Thank you all for supporting Sincerely, Sweetpea the past six months! If there is anything that you are thinking about doing, don’t wait, go for it!*All photos are courtesy of my husband who is not a photographer, but is patient and willingly takes direction lol.



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