Framed Agate Art

Framed Agate Art

Bad news ya’ll, the weekend is over and Monday has shown its face again. Hubby and I realized we both had to-list that were miles long, so we ended up staying home this weekend. On the bright side, our area was under a wind advisory on Saturday, so we probably saved ourselves and our tent from getting blown away Wizard of Oz style. Anyway, as I was searching for artwork for our bedroom redo (you can see the full post here), I stumbled upon something wonderful… Paper Source. I went to their location in Louisville while I was home visiting my parents and literally wanted to buy EVA-RY-THING! They have a huge selection of fine paper, which if you don’t know what that is just like I didn’t, it’s thicker than tissue paper, but flimsier than card stock and real fancy. They had all sorts of colors and patterns, but this pink and gold agate pattern caught my eye and I thought it would be great above my nightstand.
So, today I thought I would give you the oh-so-easy rundown on how to get your own framed agate art.
What You’ll Need:
-Frame (For this tutorial I used a 5×7 with a mat, but for my nightstand, I used a 16×20 with a mat)
-Mat (I found mine at Hobby Lobby for less than $2)
-Fine Agate Paper (This is where I found mine)

What to Do:
1. Choose what spot you want framed. I chose a spot that looks good horizontal and vertical.
2. Create an outline on your paper using the mat. Once I made my outline, I cut it slightly smaller so that I could tape it to the mat and my tape wouldn’t show on the front side of the mat.
3. ¬†Tape the paper to the back of the mat, place in frame, and you’re done!
One sheet of this fine paper will set you back about $8. It sounds crazy at first, trust me I thought so too, but I’ve gotten one large frame and one small frame out of it and I still have a lot left over. If you were to buy artwork like this at the store, I think it would be a lot more than $8.
Thank you stopping by! Have a great Monday!

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