No Disaster Will Stop This Wedding

No Disaster Will Stop This Wedding
After waiting patiently by the door all day on Monday, our wedding pictures came in! Our mail normally arrives at around 9:30 in the am, but when I checked it, there were no wedding pictures. I was devastated. I have waited 3 months for this people! So I did what any anxious wife would do. I sent Stewart to the post office to see if they had them. No such luck, but they said to come back around 3. So again, at 3 o’clock, I sent Stewart to the post office. No luck. But then, out of desperation, I decided to check the mailbox one last time and sure enough, there they were!

On to the wedding! My dad has always said that I never do things the easy way and our wedding was no exception. Four days before our wedding was to take place at my family farm in Indiana, a tornado touched down. It took the roof off our barn (reception venue), uprooted a tree, cut some trees in half, damaged some wedding decor, and blew debris everywhere. When I heard that this had happened, I was in utter disbelief. Not four days before the wedding! When I got to our farm, I couldn’t hold back the tears. I have never experienced this type of devastation before. My parents had literally put their hearts and souls into making our farm beautiful and picture perfect for our special day. And in an instant, so much of their hard work had been destroyed. But, while all of my parents blood, sweat, and tears was swirling around in a tornado, they were shacked up in a camper 20 feet away from all the madness. The barn roof, trees, and broken items can all be fixed and replaced, but my parents cannot. After everything went down, I felt comfort in knowing that my parents rode it out, were safe, and were going to be at my wedding to tell about it. Walking around the barn seeing shreds of leaves, broken glass, muddy, drenched wedding decorations, and tattered drapery was discouraging, but I was certain everything was going to be okay and it was all going to be put back together for our wedding on Saturday. I was certain. And with a lot, I mean A LOT of help from our family and friends, the farm was restored Thursday afternoon, we had the rehearsal on Friday, and our beautiful wedding went off without a hitch on Saturday!
 Our cake was probably one of my favorite parts of our wedding. My uncle made our cake and he did an extraordinary job! I gave him a picture of what I had in mind, but he completely exceeded anything that I could’ve hoped for. The beautiful roses and hydrangeas flowing down the side were EVERYTHING! Love, love, love!
Even though our wedding was held on a farm, the last thing I wanted was to have a rustic, country wedding. That ain’t me. But, the juxtaposition of the farm and the sparkles and gold and pops of pink is so me. I’m a good ole Kentucky gal that lives for anything fancy.
My mom and I began hoarding milk glass and brass candlesticks for our tabletops basically since the day Stewart and I got engaged. I think we ended up with over 50 brass candlesticks and 30 something milk glass vases. And yes, I polished every one of those brass candlesticks (with the help of my Nana). The vintage vanity trays were a last minute, but fabulous addition. Not only did my uncle decorate our cake, but I pretty much threw all these decorations on him and he worked his magic. He did an amazing job! I was in love with everything!

This picture is one of my favorites! My Poppy and I built those huge marquee letters and I had hoped that she would capture a picture like this. Let’s be real, I could go on for days about how perfect our wedding day was and tell you about every little detail, but your eyes would get tired of looking at a screen for that long, so I’ll refrain.
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