Framed DIY Jewelry Organizer

Framed DIY Jewelry Organizer
We made it! It’s finally Friday! I am so excited to share this project with you all today, it’s been a doozy. When I first started shopping for supplies to make this jewelry organizer, I had no idea about plumbing materials. Isn’t that why they have nice folks working in the plumbing isle? Not the case for me. It was like they could smell me coming or something. Every time I got close, everyone would disappear. So, the first trip, I left with nothing. A week later, I took a deep breath and went back and basically hunted people down to help me. I wasn’t leaving empty handed again! Fast forward a few weeks and I finally had it done. Got it hung up and something just wasn’t right. That’s when I decided to paint it black, more specifically Cracked Pepper (Valspar).

 This jewelry organizer by Style Your Senses was my inspiration for this project. Who knew organization could be so colorful and beautiful?
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What You Need:
Valspar Cracked Pepper
Rustoleum Metallic Gold
Rustoleum Primer
Rustoleum White
Rustoleum Clear Protective Enamel
PVC Pipe
PVC Adapters
PVC Pipe Caps
Galvanized Floor Flange and screws
Galvanized Tee
D-Ring Picture Hangers
Dowel Rods
Liquid Nails


What To Do:
1. Prime your plywood and put a coat of paint on the frame.
2. Spray paint dowel rods, pvc pipe, pvc adapters, pvc caps, galvanized tee, floor flange, and nipple (nuts and bolts).
3. Once primer is dry, spray paint plywood white. You may need to sand in between coats.
4.After two coats of gold spray paint, lightly coat your “nuts and bolts” with the clear protective enamel.
5. Once that is dry, piece together your plumbing materials as pictured below.


6. Put liquid nails around the rim of the frame and place plywood in the frame. Let the liquid nails dry to secure the plywood.
 7.On the plywood, decide where your hooks are going. Mine were screw in, so, I started a hole with a drill and then turned the hooks the rest of the way in.
8. Attach the galvanized floor flange to the plywood.
9. Screw the D-Ring picture hangers two the back.
10. Hang and beautify with your jewels!
Sorry in advance for the picture overload. I can’t get enough of colorful, sparkly jewels!
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a great weekend!



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