DIY Fall Chalkboard Door Decor

DIY Fall Chalkboard Door Decor
Happy Hump Day! It’s finally starting to feel like Fall here in the bluegrass and I cannot get enough! Boots, scarves, pumpkins, oh my! So, today I’m back with another Fall decor project. I wanted to add a little touch of Fall to our door, but I wanted to come up with something that was different than the traditional wreath. Bring on the chalkboard “wreath”!

What you’ll need:
Chalkboard Pen
Gilding Paint
Foam Brush
Faux Fall Foliage
Hot Glue
What to do:
1. Drill two holes at the top of the chalkboard for hanging
2. Using a foam brush, paint the wooden outer edge of your chalkboard with gilding paint
3. Write your message of choice on chalkboard (I practiced mine on paper first)
4. Once that has dried, finagle your florals to your satisfaction and then secure with hot glue
5. Make your bow
I used two variations of ribbon for added texture
 Fold over each tail of ribbon towards the center at a 45 degree angle
Pinch the center where the two tails overlap and secure with a pony tail holder
Cut another piece of ribbon that is about an inch and a half long and fold in the sides
Wrap that piece around the center and secure it with hot glue
 Ta Da!
 Once I hot glued the bow to the chalkboard, I decided to fold in the tails. I used the leftover ribbon pieces from the tails to create the curly q’s on the sides.

  There ya have it ya’ll. Thanks for stopping by!
Slate Chalkboard: Hobby Lobby
Chalkboard Pen: Hobby Lobby
Gilding Paint: Michaels (Martha Stewart)
Faux Fall Foliage: Hobby Lobby
Burlap Ribbon: Hobby Lobby
Cheetah Ribbon: Hobby Lobby last season Christmas




  1. October 24, 2015 / 1:41 am

    This is very creative! I'm going to make one for the new house!

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